We’re a worldwide agency with a small town feel.

We’re a worldwide agency with a small town feel.

This is our first official blog post! Welcome!

What you can expect from our site is to learn where you’re going next! Let us help take you on an adventure to fulfill all of your senses. We have an established team of Travel Specialists who are seasoned travelers and who are travel enthusiasts.

From the white sand beaches of the Caribbean to the pebbled beaches of the Mediterranean – we’ve witnessed sunrise and sunset – your vacation will be nothing short of exhilarating and relaxing.

We are your gateway to your next getaway, and our services are always free – you just pay for your vacation, of course. Working with a travel agency may seem very 1992, but we’re actually still a very strong commodity in the travel business. Without us, a lot of travelers arrive to their destinations not knowing what to do for excursions, or where to visit, nightlife hot spots, the best places to eat, or even where to rent a car. This is why travel agencies, especially KN Travel Group, LLC., are essential to booking your next vacation.

Just think of us as another small detail to be kept within your carry-on. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority.

We specialize in cruises with all of the best cruise lines – Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Lines, and more! We have experienced Travel Specialists who only handle Walt Disney Travel Company vacations via our sister agency, Mouse Explorations, LLC. KN Travel Group is equipped to book your next family vacation, your romantic getaway, and to meet your business travel needs.

We may be in a small town, but we’re big on customer service and making sure your vacation is better than the last.

Come back now and then for travel news about popular vacation destinations, Disney news, and friendly chatter about travel!

Take care, folks!



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