USA to CUBA – history in the making

USA to CUBA – history in the making


Update 5/2/2016: Carnival Cruise Lines’ Fathom Adonia arrived in Havana, and docked safely. The adventure, 50 years in the making, has finally begun. US citizens will be fully immersed in a series of cultural exchanges, and experiences that will enrich and educate US travelers to Cuba, as well as experience some downtime in the Cuban cities. Book your Cuban cruise experience with us! Let us help you make history!


In order to facilitate US travel to Cuba, Carnival Corporation has launched Fathom, a cultural exchange cruise that will further our knowledge of Cuba. To be eligible for these historical cruises, a traveler aboard the MV Adonia – a 704-passenger vessel – must be recognized by the Cuban Assets Control Regulations as authorized travelers who will engage in cultural, artistic, religious, and humanitarian exchanges.


Channel your inner adventurer and go on the ultimate cruise to experience Cuba’s majestic beaches and rich culture. Much of which have been hidden from the US for more than 50 years. Now, with its 21st century maiden voyage, service to Cuba will begin May 2016, and will be launching from Miami. Your travel time from Miami to Cuba will only be about a half a day, weather permitting. And as you make that 220-mile voyage, you will be traveling towards a culturally enriching experience. To meet the guidelines for Cuban travel, there must be a cultural exchange participation between Americans and Cubans – on- and off-board the ship.


The primary itinerary will be a 7-night cruise visiting three Cuban ports-starting in Havana, then Cienfuegos, and finally Santiago de Cuba. Your cultural exchange cruise will include modern and comfortable accommodations, meals, cultural once in a lifetime experiences, and transportation for about $1800 per person, which does not include Cuban travel fees. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Balcony Cabin


Inside Cabin
Outside Cabin


For a more in depth look, check out the Fathom FAQ page. 


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