More to discover with Azamara’s Overnight Adventures

More to discover with Azamara’s Overnight Adventures

It seems to be a growing trend where we not only cruise, but we become explorers. We sail. We dock. We explore. We board the ships again with our treasures of priceless memories — precious tokens of our excursions off board — and a new sense of wonder for our world. Azamara has taken this desire to learn, to experience, and to discover to a whole new level.

Azamara Club Cruises Overnight Adventures comes with an all-inclusive plan -from start to finish, every detail of your adventure is carefully crafted– your transportation, hotels, meals and an expert guide to lead you on your journey. Depending on the cruise and Overnight Adventures package that you choose, you can spend two to three nights embarking ashore to exotic locales in Asia, Australia, Northern and Western Europe, the Mediterranean, or the Middle East. Explore the monuments and temples of Myanmar, or experience the romantic history of Venice and Florence, to basking in the glory of nature in Australia for an overnight nature experience.

Once your quest is complete, you will rejoin your ship and sail off again into the sunset.

Contact us today to learn more, and to book an Azamara Club Cruises cruise and an Overnight Adventures cruise package!


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