Introducing Universal Orlando’s New Water Park – Volcano Bay!

Introducing Universal Orlando’s New Water Park – Volcano Bay!

Opening Summer 2017, Universal Orlando Resort welcomes the newest addition to their extremely thrilling and super fun resort. Universal Orlando Resort’s newest park will replace the iconic I-Drive water park, Wet-n-Wild, where Orlando tourists and locals would go for an exhilarating day of thrilling water rides. Universal took the idea of water ride thrills and relaxation and made what is now going to be its newest theme park, Volcano Bay. What Wet-n-Wild lacked as a tranquil oasis, Volcano Bay makes up for with their resort style themes. This is no ordinary water park.

Volcano Bay channels the primitive and historical practices of an ancient island with the Waturi people. Volcano Bay will consist of four villages each lending to the overall essence of thrill rides and relaxation.

The Volcano, the epicenter of the whole park, and the first village where the magic happens, where it will also feature four thrilling water experiences:

At the heart of the island, Krakatau™, the mighty Fire and Water Volcano, towers 200 feet above the tropical landscape, streaming waterfalls during the day and fiery lava effects at night. Inside the cavernous volcano, the Waturi people dare you to brave a variety of pulse-pounding water slides.Waturi Beach
Locals know – the surf’s always up at Waturi Beach. Swim, splash and relax right along with them in the sparkling waters and warm waves of this sparkling lagoon at the foot of mighty Krakatau™.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge
Join in the centuries-old tradition of honoring the volcano god, Vol, by braving the incredible Ko’okiri Body Plunge. Featuring a 70-degree fall through a drop door and 125 feet of screaming, white-knuckle fun, this dizzying descent ends with a watery tribute from Vol himself.

Kala & Ta Nui Serpentine Body Slides
Join Kala and Ta Nui where sea and sky meet and take a leap of faith from high atop the volcano. Twin trap doors simultaneously drop two guests down clear, intertwining tubes before sending them joyfully splashing into the turquoise waters below.

Punga Racers
A favorite among Waturi children of all ages, Punga Races send single riders on their manta ray mats sliding down four lanes through underwater sea caves.


The next village, the Wave Village, will feature a tranquil escape to the hustle and bustle of the excitement. Relax at the foot of the volcano on peaceful and majestic Waturi Beach.

Waturi Beach
Locals know – the surf’s always up at Waturi Beach. Swim, splash and relax right along with them in the sparkling waters and warm waves of this sparkling lagoon at the foot of mighty Krakatau™.

The River Village provides fun for the whole family, even the youngest Waturi will enjoy wat this village has to offer. With the perfect mixture of water rides for the little kids and big kids, your whole group will be may spend their time in this part of the park the longest.

Honu Ika Moana
Just like the ancient Waturi people who rode the ocean waves on friendly sea turtles and whales, guests can enjoy these two twisting, turning, multi-person slides. Honu (the sea turtle) sweeps up two massive walls, while Ika Moana (the whale) sprays water on riders from the center of the raft.

Tot Tiki Reef + Runamukka Reef
The little ones can frolic among the splashy slides and fountains of the Tot Tiki Reef toddler play area, while Runamukka Reef delights older children with its bubbling geysers, water guns, slides and dump cups.

Kopiko Wai Winding River
Take a slow ride on the Kopiko Wai Winding River. Sprays of water surprise along the way, and beneath the lava rocks, Stargazer’s Cavern reveals the magical night sky above.

Finally, a mix of thrills and relaxation can be found in  Rainforest Village.

Ohyah + Ohno Drop Slides
Test your mettle and get into the Waturi spirit. Ascend cliff side and plummet down the twisting waters of Ohyah before dropping out four feet above the pool below. To achieve even greater bragging rights, brave the rope bridge and plunge down Ohno, a serpentine adventure that ends six feet above the pool below. Be sure to yell your battle cry on the way down.

Maku Puihi Raft Rides
Ready for the high adventure of the Maku Puihi lava tubes? This six-person rafting adventure is a favorite of Waturi families, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Choose one of two paths or try them both—just be ready for a thrilling ride. Puihi (Wild) careens through a dark, winding tunnel before the stomach-flipping thrill of zero gravity hang time. Maku (Wet) slides you through a deep volcanic gorge before spinning wildly around bowl-like formations.

TeAwa, The Fearless River
Up for an adventure? Take a thrilling whitewater ride along TeAwa, The Fearless River. Race along a roaring, watery onslaught of churning rapids and choppy waves hanging tight to your inner tube.

Taniwha Tubes
There’s a place where the puka trees grow abnormally tall. Inspired by their twisting roots, the Waturi built four twisting water slides called the Taniwha Tubes. Riders can try all four twisting tracks, but beware—mischievous Moai statues spray jets of water when you least expect it.

Summer 2017 seems so far away! What do you think of the newest addition to Universal Orlando Resort? I feel like it has just the right amount of fun and relaxation.



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