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Disneyland Favorites Returns- World of Color and “Fantasy in the Sky” Fireworks!

Disneyland Favorites Returns- World of Color and “Fantasy in the Sky” Fireworks!

Nights just got better for the fall  at Disneyland!

Two nighttime spectaculars will return to Disneyland where they will dazzle again!

The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration will officially end September 5, 2016, so adding these two mainstays back into the equation only makes sense!

At Disney California Adventure® Park, the original version of “World of Color” will be presented, beginning September 6. Your Clients will enjoy all the great sequences of Disney animation and music, from WALL-E and Eve zipping through the cosmos to Pocahontas exploring just around the riverbend.

Across the Esplanade at Disneyland Park, your Clients will once again be able to enjoy the timeless soundtrack of Disney’s “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks spectacular when it lights up the sky over Sleeping Beauty Castle Friday through Sunday evenings starting September 9. Versions of “Fantasy in the Sky” date back to 1958, when Walt Disney envisioned the show as a spectacular “kiss goodnight” for his Disneyland guests.

“World of Color” and “Fantasy in the Sky” will each be presented run through early November, and quietly step back to allow the kickoff of Holidays at the Disneyland Resort.


Confirmed: Farewell Tower of Terror at California Adventure Park

Confirmed: Farewell Tower of Terror at California Adventure Park

Sad times, folks. It has been confirmed that Disneyland’s California Adventure Park will switch the beloved Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror to a new Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction.

I am excited for this change, but still fear that Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort would do the same. The presence of Marvel at Disneyland is a lot stronger than Walt Disney World, so I think we are safe, but I can’t help but question the potential change.

The overall look will change, the theme, etc, but you will still feel the thrill of six plus different take your breath away free falls. Instead of the foreboding feeling of darkness of ToT – GotG you’ll laugh. Your guide is the smart talking Rocket raccoon who will help you on your journey to find his friends who were captured by, The Collector.

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! opens summer 2017 at Disney California Adventure Park. To commemorate the departure of the Tower of Tower, Disney California Adventure will be hosting a series of celebrations before the official close of the attraction. I look forward to seeing what they have in store for the hardcore fans. The ride will officially close in early 2017 to stay on track for the GotG summer 2017 opening.

What do you think of the new Galaxy theme? Do you like that they will keep the ToT footprint, but overhaul of decor and storyline? Let us know in the comments below!