Why should I choose to book my vacation with a Travel Agency?

We understand that all travel planning can be done online, so we always stay on top of the latest travel trends. Sometimes when clients are planning a trip, they don’t know where to begin, or even where to go. We take your needs into consideration – the area where you would like to visit, your hobbies, and your budget. If you are a foodie, we know the best location for a great food tour. If you are free to choose the time of year, we stay on top of the latest calendars for all our serviceable travel locations. Our Travel Specialists specialize in cruises, Disney vacations, and other leisure travel locations. KN Travel Group wants to save you time and money, let us do the work – you just have to pack your own luggage.  


Is there a fee to book our vacation with KN Travel Group?

There are absolutely no fees at all to work with us. You are only required to pay for your vacation. We quote your vacation with the absolute best prices available, and if there are better prices that you are eligible for, we will do our best to make sure you can take advantage of the latest offers.


Who do I contact in the event there are problems with our reservations?

From start to finish, KN Travel Group is there to help our clients – before, during, and after their vacations. It is our job to remedy the situation, so they do not have to lose valuable vacation time.  


Should I purchase travel insurance?

Due to unforeseen circumstances like airline may lose a client’s luggage, or weather may even be a factor – do not let these what-ifs hinder your vacation or planning. That being said, we highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance as an add-on to your vacation. We work with a trusted insurance company, and can direct you towards them to purchase yourself. We would be happy to help you choose the best plan to fit your travel needs.


Do you know everything about travel?


We know a lot about travel, but we cannot know it all. We do know a lot of  people in the business and have a strong network of colleagues. We work with them as well – again at no charge to our clients – to make sure our clients’ vacations are absolute perfection.


Are there incentives to booking with KN Travel Group?

At KN Travel Group, we want to provide the best travel experience possible. Sure, we give our clients a little something extra, but we do not base our hard work on gimmicks. We provide stellar customer service, from start to finish, with a little magic included.


How do I request a free online quote?

Simply click the “Request Quote” button, and fill out the online form. We will have a quote back to you within 24 hours. If you need a quote quickly, please call us at (864) 688-2622 after you submit your online quote.  


How do I book my vacation with you?

Once the quoting process is finished, we will take your down payment via credit card, and you will get a contract via mail to sign and send back. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance, and we have the best deals for travel insurance. You can purchase travel insurance separately with our provider, or we can set that up for you. We know the fine print, we have read it countless times, so we will get the best plan to suit your needs.

Thereafter, you will be charged based off of your payment plan.  


I am a Walt Disney World Vacations® novice, can you help me with FastPass®

and Disney Dining® Reservations?

Absolutely! We not only will help make the reservations for you, but we love planning Disney vacations, too!

Our Travel Specialists have been to Walt Disney World and sailed on Disney Cruise lines many times; and are all well versed in everything Disney travel related.